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Commitment giveaway
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We got a free copy of Commitment - the book from Chris Matts to give away! We'll send it out to he first person to comment on the podcast page providing the right answer to the following question:

What was the inspiration for the Learning Cantina in the book?

You might know the answer already, it is discussed in the latest episode of the podcast.

(clue: it's actually two things)

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Rick Beerendonk
written by Rick Beerendonk, september 27, 2013
- Extreme Tuesday Club.
- Scene in Starwars, actual cantina is from Star Wars.
written by freek, september 27, 2013
Wow, that was quick. and first time right!
Copy going your way Rick, congratz
Rick Beerendonk
written by Rick Beerendonk, september 27, 2013
Thank you! Already listened to the podcast twice. It had the ideal size for the commute.

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