Workshop Docker

Finalist, Rotterdam / 19-11-2014

On the 11th of October, NRC Handelsblad published a 2 page wide article on containers being the invention of the century. The economical impact of being able to transport almost anything using a single container transport network can hardly be under-estimated. The containers we are interested in are the software equivalent of that, analogous in many ways, except for the part of having to be shipped back empty across the globe. Docker is revolutionary in being the first tool to provide ease of use, security and efficiency in using containers.

Join me and one of my colleagues for an introduction into Docker, and getting some hands-on experience with the basics and a few more advanced concepts. Also, in my days Finalist had Hertog-Jan - they probably still do!

About our facilitator

Quinten Krijger started his career in IT at Finalist, after a studies in Physics and a bit of classical singing. Later, he moved to Trifork Amsterdam, still mainly doing backend work on projects using Open Source technology such as Java, Spring, ElasticSearch, Mongo. He also maintained a healthy interest in up-to-date front end programming, BDD and DevOps.

Very shortly after its conception, he took an interest in Docker, being very impressed with the wide range of possibilities efficient containers provide. Unhappy with the amount of time he got to spend on that, he decided to co-found Container Solutions, and is now focussing his efforts with like-minded enthusiasts.

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