workshop Arduino

TU Delft (civiel), Delft / 03-10-2012

embedded systems for n00bs, home automation for everyone!

Everyone has ideas about home automation: hooking the coffee machine up to twitter, making a web interface for the christmas tree or simply a beep when the cat enters the cat-door. No problem for embedded software engineers, but a lot harder for "normal" people, even seasoned developers of higher level code. With the introduction of the Arduino development platform, home automation and embedded software design has become available to a wider audience.

in this workshop we will introduce the Arduino platform, showcasing its capabilities. Using simple examples as well as cases that people themselves suggest, workshop attendees will get familliar with the Arduino hardware and the software development environment. We will provide 15 boards, so when people work in pairs there is room for 30 participants.

As a preparation for this workshop, we ask attendees to install the software available at . Finally, we ask attendees to look at to get some ideas of what they could do with Arduino's.


Rolf Hut (@RolfHut) is MacGyver scientist (80's television series about a scientist/Bomb technician). He is a resourceful agent able to solve complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand, along with his ever-present duct tape and Swiss Army knife).

His main interest and source of a fun is using existing technology in a new and innovative way to measure the earth’s weather and climate. He likes to take apart machines and see what he can do with the components in it. The results of this MacGyvering is proof of concept testing of new measurement devices. The results of these efforts are used in the various projects that he is involved in, such as the Trans African Hydro Meteorological Observatory and Climate City Campus.

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