Model Storming

Finalist, Rotterdam / 04-06-2014

Learning is the bottleneck. Complexity in software hits us late in the game: long after contracts were signed, budgets were approved, and code was written. We need a way to discover complexity early on, and turn problems into a range of potential solutions. Model Storming is an emergent practice in the Domain-Driven Design community, that brings modelling back to all stakeholders.

This session introduces the game rules of Model Storming. You’ll learn how you can turn modelling into a collaborative activity. We’ll discuss different modelling and visualization techniques; approaches for dealing with divergence; and methods to discover the gaps in your Model -- everything you need to introduce Model Storming in your own team.


Mathias Verraes is a recovering music composer turned programmer, consultant, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. He advises companies on how to build enterprise web applications for complex business domains . For some weird reason, he enjoys working on large legacy projects: the kind where there’s half a million lines of spaghetti code, and nobody knows how to get the codebase under control. He’s the founder of the Domain-Driven Design Belgium community. When he’s not working, he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, helping his two sons build crazy Lego train tracks.

Jef Claes loves building things; be it working software, sloppy drawings or pretty sentences. Having worked in the public safety and financial domain for years, he now finds himself discovering the online gambling sector. He is one of the founders of Domain Driven Design Belgium, writes on everything that keeps his mind busy on, and is more than happy to travel and speak about what he's learning.

Stijn VannieuwenhuyseStijn Vannieuwenhuyse is a young software-developer who currently works for ONE-Agency. He started his career as a PHP-developer, more specifically by refactoring legacy Symfony-applications using techniques from TDD, BDD and DDD. Nowadays he's exploring Modelling, CQRS and event-sourcing while building greenfield applications. When Stijn is not programming, he's timekeeping major track and field competitions.


Dinner (Surinamese food)
Workshop 'Model storming'

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