Legacy CodeRetreat

Finalist, Rotterdam / 23-06-2012

After last years participation in the Global Day of Coderetreat we are planning another retreat, this time with a slightly different take: The Legacy Coderetreat.

We invite a group of programmers together for a day, give them some legacy code, and help them practise various design rescue and improvement techniques. The ultimate goal is to practise these techniques in a low-stakes environment away from the code base that probably torments you at work.

Which techniques do you mean?

We don’t have a complete list, but most of our techniques revolve around creating and identifying seams in software (places where we can decouple tightly-coupled modules). You will try adding tests, isolating behavior from frameworks, introducing mocks, writing characterisation tests, and some other things we haven’t thought about yet.

So, it’s a CodeRetreat

So far, mostly yes. The difference is that we have starting code bases for you, rather than asking you to start with a blank slate. Also, we are using the Code Retreat format to teach specific techniques, so we guide your practice more like a (karate) dojo than Code Retreat does.

This edition will be facilitated by Erik Talboom(@talboomerik) and Frederik Delbroek(@frederikdelbr)

Find Erik's blogpost on the Agileminds previous retreat here

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