Learn a new language: Pharo

Luminis Arnhem, Arnhem / 01-04-2015

Pharo, the immersive programming experience.

Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback. Its advanced tools support developers in making better software engineering decisions.

Work with us through a number of exercises designed to show the quality of feedback that is achievable with an image-based, objects-all-the-way approach to software development.

Bring your laptop to pair through the exercises.




Stephan Eggermont and Diego Lont are independent consultants and software developers, mostly working together since 2010. They discovered pair programming and XP in 1999 while creating a distributed datawarehouse engine and have been vocal proponents of agility and feedback driven development since then.

Since 2010 they have applied a fast-feedback driven development process in the creation of several complex web frameworks and applications and in migrations driven by daily visualizations (http://www.legacycode.nl).

They are active contributors to the Pharo, Moose and Seaside open source projects and member of the Pharo Consortium. 

Diego started developing professionally in 1998 in Java. Since then he has seen several programming languages (i.e. Delphi, C# and Smalltalk) and development processes, mostly in the financial industry. In 2010 he started as a independent developer. 

Stephan is always interested in ways to make software development better and (even) more fun. He likes helping teams in becoming more able to add value to their organizations. After programming for 15 years, he discovered Seaside and Smalltalk and found out that there was a reasonable way to develop web applications after all.

He also does Technology Roadmapping to help organizations realize and visualize their future(s).


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