Learn a Language: Typescript


Javascript is everywhere! Whether you are building a web front-end, a hybrid mobile application or a lean back-end with NodeJS, you can’t get around Javascript. NPM repositories contain more libraries than Nuget or Maven Repo’s.

But at the same time Javascript can be a very difficult language to write your software in. It is not object oriented, it is weakly typed and it has lot of strange and difficult to understand language constructs. You can work around these limitations, but this takes a lot of experience and discipline from the team. Especially if you have experience in an object oriented environment.

Enter Typescript. Typescript is a new scripting language based on ECMA 6. It will give you true object orientation, strong typing and built in support for modules with AMD, CommonJS or ES6 modules.

And it compiles to just JavaScript so it runs in any browser or on any platform that supports Javascript.

In this meetup we will deep dive into Typescript. You will learn a new language with presentation, code, demo’s and exercises.

  • 18:00 Doors open, dinner
  • 18:30 Start of content


An IDE that supports TypeScript, either WebStorm or Visual Studio Code.

Chris van Beek

Chris van Beek

Chris van Beek is a software architect at Luminis Arnhem. After seven years spent developing and training Microsoft technology, he now moved on to architecture for that same platform. He likes to learn, and to teach!

Chris' main expertise is in the Microsoft stack, but he has a soft spot for front-end development with Angular, Typescript/Javascript, HTML, and CSS.



Arthur van Schendelstraat 500

3511 MH Utrecht

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