Devnology goes out with a ring!


All good things come to an end, and so does Devnology 1.0. After eight years of events, hacking, fun, and good connections, it's time for us to go out with a bang. Well, we'll go out with a ring.

On this last Devnology night, we want to look back together with you. A lot has changed in these 2^28 seconds. What did you predict well? What flopped? What did you totally miss? We'll set the egg timer for three times three minutes, and you can use a presentation of your choosing.

  • 18:00 Doors open, dinner
  • 18:30 three-by-three presentations


Put together a presentation for three times three minutes which answers the questions,

  • what trends in the last five years did you spot correctly?
  • which did you have high hopes for, but are ashamed to talk about now?
  • which caught you by surprise?

The trends can be technology, methodology, company, or anything else, as long as its geek-approved.

Please let us know at if we can sign you up as a speaker!


Utrechtseweg 301
3731 GA De Bilt

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Freek Leemhuis



Tjeerd Hans Terpstra

Mark Giesen

Michel Rijnders

Tim Schlechter

Arco Oost


Erik Harperink

Davy Landman

Corno Schraverus

Jelle Hissink


Lutger Kunst

Michiel Overeem


Ghislain van der Steen

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