Devnology Book Club

Luminis Rotterdam, Rotterdam / 21-01-2016

“What, you haven’t read The C Programming Language?!”

All of us have those books that everyone should read. They may have given you great insights, helped in your journey of becoming a great programmer, or they have inspired you because you re-read the book and found it to be a more powerful book than you thought it was. You want to share the ones you know, and get to know new ones. That’s exactly what the Devnology Book Club is for!

Not much of a reader, but want to get into it? Even without preparing a book, you're welcome!


In each meeting, we have four 30-minute slots. Each slot is dedicated to one book:

  • an up-to 15 minute talk about the book, why you think it is important, and who should read it (and who shouldn’t). We like you to include your favorite quotes. You can support your talk with some slideware, but please don’t put the full book on slides.
  • after the talk, we have some room for questions and perhaps a short break-out, but we restart with the next book at the 30-minute mark.

We will create the schedule of books JIT before the first book starts, during diner.

  • 18:00 food, create evening’s roster
  • 18:30 first book
  • 19:00 second book
  • 19:30 third book
  • 20:00 fourth book
  • 20:30 wrap-up


We ask you to prepare a talk about (one of more of) your favorite book(s). You can assume a regular presentation setup (probably VGA and HDMI, so pack your adapters accordingly.)


Luminis Rotterdam

Kasteelweg 51

3077 BN Rotterdam

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Neha Agarwal

mustafa el Bouazzaoui

Marcel Matthijs

Pieter Joost


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