Back to School: Software security

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Nijmegen / 07-11-2012

Walter Belgers

De eerste lezing van de avond is door Walter Belgers, partner en Principal Security Consultant bij Madison Gurkha.
Walter Belgers is an ethical computer hacker by profession and by way of life. During his working hours, he tests the security of IT systems using both technical and social means. As a hobby, he opens locks without using the key. He has been on the internet for over half his life, which is not obvious for anybody his age. When he has time, he likes to read, sail, and drift in an old BMW car.

Abstract: Many web application programmers focus on functionality and not on security. Often, this leads to insecure applications. The OWASP top -10 is a list of the most ubiquitous security problems in web applications. In the talk, all ten of these problems (including Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection) will be discussed. Examples from actual systems will be given and demonstrated using a sample web application.

Erik Poll

De tweede lezing van deze avond wordt verzorgd door Erik Poll, hoofddocent aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Op zijn website vind je een imposante lijst met mediaoptredens, publicaties en presentaties.

My research interests include security - especially software security, (implementations of) security protocols, smartcards, JavaCard, and smartcard applications such as electronic passports and EMV), formal specification and verification of programs (for object-oriented languages, especially for Java and using JML), programming language theory, and type theory.

Abstract: De Digital Security groep van de Radboud Universiteit geeft een kijkje in de keuken van de security analyses die ze doen van bijvoorbeeld de ov-chipkaart, bankpasjes, contactloze autosleutels, internetbankieren, en GSM.
Ook wat van de open source software die aan de Radboud Universiteit wordt gemaakt, bijv. om zelf je paspoort chip uit te lezen, zal worden gedemonstreerd (dus neem je paspoort of id-kaart mee).

Please note that both lectures will be in English


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Presentatie Walter Belgers
Presentatie Erik Poll
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