Back to School: Re-engineering met behulp van softwarevisualisatie

TU Delft, Delft / 08-06-2011

In navolging op de eerste Back to School bijeenkomst zal tijdens deze tweede bijeekomst Martin Pinzger ons iets vertellen over software re-engineering met behulp van software visualisatie.


Software re-engineering is concerned with restructuring a software system to fix real or perceived problems in preparation for further development and extension of the system. Re-engineering of existing systems is mandatory and consumes a significant amount of development resources. Re-engineering is costly and using best practices and tools can help to reduce these costs.
This lecture outlines the software re-engineering process with focus on the reverse engineering (model capture) and problem detection phases. For both phases, the lecture explains a number of best practices, heuristics, and tools to analyze and understand the implementation of existing software systems and detect shortcomings, so called code smells. For each topic, the lecture provides pointers to related books, scientific articles, and available tools.

Dit college wordt gegeven in het Engels - This lecture is presented in English

Martin Pinzger

Martin Pinzger is assistent professor aan de Technische Universiteit Delft binnen de Software Engineering Research Group. Zijn onderzoek richt zich vooral op software onderhoud en evolutie, software kwaliteit analyse, collaborative software engineering, repository mining, software visualisatie, programma analyse en  empirische studies.


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College: 'Software re-engineering met behulp van software visualisatie.'
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