Advanced Problem Solving: Constraint Satisfaction Problems

CGI Eindhoven, Eindhoven / 06-11-2013

During the course of developing software you are constantly challenged by problems. How to iterate efficiently over a set of objects? How to assign time-consuming tasks to workers in the best possible way? Often these problems are solved in ad hoc ways.

A lot of these problems can be described as a constraint satisfaction problem. By recognizing a constraint satisfaction problem the opportunity arises to use constraint satisfaction solvers. This provides a uniform and battle-tested solution to common occurring problems.

In this session we take a closer look into constraint satisfaction problems. These kind of problems are applicable in a wide range of contexts. Examples include schedule planning, frequency assignment to cell towers and work-flow optimization.

After an introduction to constraint satisfaction problems, you will get the opportunity to try your hands on a few problems of your own. We even go the extra mile and implement a simple constraint satisfaction problem solver.

Daan van Berkel

Daan van Berkel is a enthusiastic software craftsman with a knack for presenting technical details in a clear and concise manner. Driven by the desire for understanding complex matters Daan is always on the lookout for innovative uses of software.

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