A live scientific experiment

Vassiliadiszaal, TU Delft Building 36, Delft / 20-04-2016

This is going to be a special Devnology evening, we will participate in a live scientific experiment, where we are the subjects.

Stefan Hanenberg, who spoke at Devnology before is the world's leading expert in doing emprical research into programming languages. He has for example worked extensively on measuring the difference between static and dynamic typing.

In this live experiment, you will have to do some programming, but we cannot share more details, since that will bias the experiment. What we can share is that we will do some programming tasks, after which we will, together with Stefan, look at the data and how it is analyzed. So you will learn something about how these experiments work, and you will be helping science!

18:00 Dinner
18:30 Experiment setup
19:00 - 20:30 Experiment
20:30 - 21:00 Data collection
21:00 Live analysis
21:30 Drinks

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Arco Oost

Arjen van Schie

Angelo van der Sijpt

Rico Huijbers


Frans Bouma

Michiel Overeem

Freek Leemhuis

Daan van Berkel

Stephan Eggermont

Ronny Hendrawan

Yosuf Haydary

Mozhan Soltani

Moritz Beller

Fenia Aivaloglou

Sohon Roy

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