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Devnology goes out with a ring!

Learn a Framework: Akka

Devnology Weekend 2016

Fly me to the moon

Learn a Language: Typescript

Round Table Discussion

Event-Sourcing your React-Redux applications

CodeFest: Flappy Bird

A live scientific experiment

Learn a language: Rust

Devnology Book Club

Trench Talk - Models and friends

Model checking for the working man (m/f)

Devnology weekend 2015

Joy of Coding 2015

Domain modelling with the F# type system

Learn a new language: Pharo

Let's talk about complexity

Papers We Love inaugural meetup

Retrospective 2014

Workshop Docker

Devnology Community Day 2014

Code Fest: Algoritmiek

Devnology weekend 2014

Learn a new language: Go

Model Storming

Learn a language: Elixir

Image Recognition and Machine Learning

Joy of Coding 2014

Real Continuous delivery at a SaaS start-up

Back to School: Static versus dynamic typing

Retrospective 2013

Advanced Problem Solving: Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Meten is weten, of toch niet?

Devnology weekend 2013

Back to School: Software Functioneringskennis

Coding Dojo

Lego Mindstorms battle


De avond van de Heilige Huisjes

Joy of Coding

Auteursrecht en Open Source

Global Day of Coderetreat - 010

Global Day of Coderetreat - 020

Global Day of Coderetreat - 013

Back to School: Software security

workshop Arduino

Devnologyweekend 2012

Learn a language: Lisp

Battle of the Devno-Bots

Legacy CodeRetreat

Back to School: Zin en Onzin van modelleren

Ronde Tafel - 3e ronde

Code Fest Space Invaders

Community Day 2012

Ignite Talks Night (Not a Pecha Kucha Night!)

Global Day of Coderetreat

Back to School IV - Agility en architectuur

Back to School III - Impact

Devnology weekend 2011

Workshop Smalltalk

Open Space 2011

Back to School: Re-engineering met behulp van softwarevisualisatie

Back to School: de Software vulkaan

The Legacy code fest

The kata in the hat

Workshop GenPro

Coding Dojo: Travelling Salesman

Retrospective 2010

Community day 2010

Devnology weekend 2010

Acceptatietesten met Fitnesse

Internet - achter de schermen

Corporate Story Telling

Open Space

Workshop Code Reviews met IFSQ

Codefest - Tetris

Meetup with Brian Marick


Model Driven Development met Mod4j

Coding Dojo

Retrospective 2009

Community Day

Learn a language: Scala

Unleash your domain with Greg Young

Paneldiscussie Model Driven Development

Re-inventing Programming

Open space - 01

Crime Scene Investigation

Programmer Lifestyle dilemmas

Code Fest: Game of Life

Software Testing Middag

About our events

Devnology meetings are aimed to bring together passionate developers to exchange ideas and experience, to discuss and network - geek to geek.

Our events are free and organised every first wednesday of the month.

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We are always looking for sponsors for our events. Sponsoring an event requires you to open your office for a bunch of developers and provide them with some food and drinks.

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Devnology is a non-profit organisation and thus depends on sponsors. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors all Devnology events are free!