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Devnology Podcast 027 - Paiq
Thursday, 12 April 2012 21:29

Weer eens een Nederlandstalige podcast dit keer, waarin we spreken met Jelmer Feenstra en Frank van Viegen, bedenkers en makers van de datingsite Paiq. Deze mannen hielden zich tijdens hun studie aan de Universiteit Twente al bezig met kunstmatige intelligentie en werken aan deze site die sinds 2005 is uitgegroeid tot een datingsite met meer dan 100.000 leden. In dit interview vertellen ze over de geschiedenis van Paiq. We praten over de techniek die ze gebruiken, verschillende features die ze hebben gerealiseerd en over het gebruik van kunstmatige intelligentie voor het matchen van leden van de site.

Dit interview is opgenomen op 14 maart 2011
Interview door @tjeerdhans en @freekl.
Audio post-production door @Mendelt.

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Devnology Podcast 026 - Joshua Kerievsky
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 16:33

For this episode we recorded an interview with Joshua Kerievsky. Joshua is an early pioneer and expert in eXtreme Programming, an author and regular speaker and founder and CEO of Industrial Logic. We talk about patterns, refactoring, e-learning and some of the principles of Lean Startup.

You can follow him on twitter via @joshuakerievsky.

The interview was recorded at Igluu in Eindhoven.
Interview by @freekl and @Mmz_
Audio post-production by @mendelt

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Devnology Podcast 025 - Kevlin Henney
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 19:51

In this episode we talk with Kevlin Henney, an independent software development consultant and trainer from the United Kingdom, well-known from one of his books '97 Things Every Programmer Should Know'. In the interview we discuss a wide variety of subjects in software development, like the agile community, patterns, learning and languages.

Kevlin shares his thoughts on the software craftsmanship movement and states his opinion on the discussion whether our profession is a form of engineering or not. In some parts of this discussion we refer to the Hot-or-Not presentation that Kevlin gave the night before the interview at Sioux, the Netherlands. You can find the slides of this presentation here.

The interview was recorded at the hotel 'la Sonnerie' in Son & Breugel. We would like to thank the hotel for their hospitality by providing the chapel as a recording room for the podcast.

Interview by @freekl en @arnetim
Audio post-production by @mendelt

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  • Kevlin (co) authored two books of the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture serie: volume 4 is a worked example of patterns for distributed computing and the 5th volume is a book on the concepts of patterns.
  • In the podcast Kevlin refers to a famous quote of Jason Gorman: 'Software craftsmanship's not the "next big thing". It's an attempt to articulate what the "thing" always was'.
  • Scrum can be seen as a 'Nomic' game, which is a game in which changing the rules is one of the rules.
  • In a presentation called 'With Economy and Elegance - Software Engineering reclaimed' (slides here) Kevlin explains that Software Engineering is a form of engineering and a craft - following his claim there are no contradictions.
  • Glenn Vandenburg explains what is wrong with the way Software Engineering is taught at universities in the presentation called 'Real Software Engineering' (video here).
  • Software development is all about passion and fun. An example of passion is the Tenet of Professionalism from Uncle Bob: 'Work 40 hours for your employer and another 20 hours improving yourself'.
  • A great example of fun and playfulness in our industry is 'the Globe', a piece of Ruby software which rotates itself.
  • Another way to look at your code is with a tag cloud of all words used in a piece of software. This idea was proposed by Phillip Calçado.

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Devnology Podcast 024 - Bram Duvigneau
Friday, 23 December 2011 00:25

BramThis episode features an interview with Bram Duvigneau, a web developer and accessibility consultant. Bram shares his experiences as a blind developer and demonstrates the tools and techniques that he uses to program and use applications and websites. We also discuss some common accessibility issues.
Bram is on twitter as @bramduvigneau

This interview was recorded on the 19th of november 2011 in Didam.
Interview by @freekl and @TjeerdHans
Audio post-production by @Mendelt

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Devnology Podcast 023 - Continuous Delivery
Sunday, 27 November 2011 21:57

In this episode we interview Dave Farley and Jez Humble about the content of their award-winning book on Continuous Delivery.

The basic premise of the book is that we need to move beyond Continoous Integration and occasional delivery and work towards practices that allow for the creation and deployment of final deliverables on all environments on every check-in. Jez and Dave explain the concepts behind the deployment pipeline and we discuss the practices and policies that come into play from the moment of check-in to updating the live version of software.

We talk about various strategies and patterns for testing, building and releasing software, and how these fit in with agile and lean software development.

Follow the authors on twitter via @jezhumble and @davefarley77

This interview was recorded on the 13th of October 2011 at the wonderful GOTO Conference in Amsterdam.

Special thanks to the folks at the Goto Conference for kindly letting us use their facilities! 

Interview by @freekl en @arnetim.
Audio post-production by @mendelt

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This podcast is in English- Deze podcast is in het Engels


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