Event-Sourcing your React-Redux applications


This report has been contributed by Danielle Hollman. Thanks!

Only recently I became a developer, so I was looking for some talks to broaden my horizon a bit. I came across Devnology, and when a talk on Event Sourcing was announced, I was triggered to sign up. The talk was held at CGI in Rotterdam, and after a meal in the canteen the talk started.

Maurice de Beijer talked for 2 hours about Event Sourcing and React applications, and the parallels between these. He used live code examples of an home-built application as well as war time stories from real life, like what can go wrong at an oil platform and how software can manage these risks. I liked both things: seeing someone debugging their application as well as thinking about how to implement a software architecture while facing suboptimal circumstances (poor internet connections at sea).

I went to this talk, because I wanted to meet some people in the ICT-field that were not direct colleagues, and to hear some new ideas. Both things succeeded, so I'll be back!

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