Community Day 2014 Schedule


Thanks to the great community here and with help of our sponsors we are able to bring you what promises to be a great day of talks, workshops, chats and good times.

The schedule below is subject to change. This event falls under the Devnology code of conduct. If you have questions, comments or anything you want to add (even a session), please feel free to contact us on

Registration is free of charge, come join us on the 4th of October at the AFAS offices in Leusden!.

**Da Vinci Theather (1.08)** **Einsteinzaal (1.14)** **Auditorium (1.01)** **Platozaal (1.12)**
9:30 9:40 Opening
9:40 10:25 [Keynote Pieter Hintjens](
10:30 11:00 [Working effectively with pull requests]( Georgios Gousios [Programs and machines]( Michel Rijnders [React: fast and maintainable single-page web applications]( Egbert Teeselink [Open Data Hackathon](
11:15 11:45 [Evolution of the Startersquad kanban flow]( Iwein Fuld
12:00 12:30 [Firebase in a Flash]( Rico Huijbers
12:35 13:25 Lunch
13:30 14:00 [Outside the API box ]( Ruth John [Workshop GO]( Pieter Joost van de Sande [Testing Katas - Try before you buy]( Emma Armstrong
14:15 14:45 [Just enough crypto for the web]( Angelo van der Sijpt
15:00 15:30 [Reinventing software development productivity]( Peter Hendriks
15:35 15:45 Break
15:45 16:15 [Building large client-side JavaScript apps]( Michiel Overeem [Build your Arduino Clone]( Romilly Cocking [Coda Lisa]( Rico Huijbers [The Immutable Stack]( Martin van Amersfoorth, Michiel Borkent
16:30 17:00 [Orleans: A framework for building scalable, distributed .NET cloud applications ]( Bart Vries
17:15 17:45 [Rails Considered Harmful]( Michel Rijnders
17:45 17:50 Closing
17:50 19:00 Drinks



News @devnologynl

There you have it: Devnology predicts 2027. Thanks all for sticking with us over the years!

19-04-2017 at 20:01

Nerds talking the last 8 years, and making predictions for the next.

19-04-2017 at 18:37

@_angelos opening the last Devnology meeting with a tweet of the first one he attended

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