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Een dag na de GOTO conferentie in Amsterdam op 13, 14 en 15 oktober organiseren Maxclass en TTY een Erlang factory. Een gratis bijeenkomst waarin je de kans krijgt om kennis te maken met de bijzondere taal Erlang of je ervaringen uit te wisselen met andere experts op dit gebied. Het programma voor deze dag vind je op de website van de Erlang factory.

Together with Maxclass and TTY Internet Solutions we will be holding an Erlang Factory Lite on the 16 October. The Factory Lite will be a chance for you to learn, socialise and network with some fantastic names. The Erlang Factory Lite is open to everybody with any level of Erlang experience from newbies to experienced developers.

Why not come along and meet up with like minded developers and architects or alternatively come along and find out how more firms are using Erlang/OTP to solve previously intractable problems. The event is totally free but does require registration.

See for more information and free registration.

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There you have it: Devnology predicts 2027. Thanks all for sticking with us over the years!

19-04-2017 at 20:01

Nerds talking the last 8 years, and making predictions for the next.

19-04-2017 at 18:37

@_angelos opening the last Devnology meeting with a tweet of the first one he attended

19-04-2017 at 17:08

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